What Iv Been Watching “August”

Hi everyone if you have followed my older blog then you would recognise this post but I really wanted to share this post with all my new visitors. Enjoy!

I thought I would share with you all a new kind of post, I have seen a few of these posts before on YouTube and other Blogs and thought it would be a fun series to share with you every month. Ill be sharing my favourite programs that I have been watching, there will mostly be Netflix but ill also share a few TV programs and also DVD box sets that I have started to watch again!


Recently i have been watching more Netflix in the evenings than anything else, nothing on tv has really interested me. I am hoping this changes now we are slowly getting in to Fall / Autumn.
The first thing iv been watching is Pretty little Liars. I started watching this when it first came out on UK tv and for some reason they stopped showing it. So was so happy when i finally came out on Netflix. If you haven’t hard of PLL its an american mystery thriller set in Rosewood. A teen girl Alison goes missing and a year later her 4 friends start to get messages from -A. It is such a good program, I warn you, you will get hooked!!

Once Upon a time…
This is another program that i started watching on tv but sadly channel 5 canceled it. So when I saw it on Netflix I got way to excited and watched every last episode!! Once Upon a time about fairy tale charters get trapped in our world.


Mr Robot…
This is a program that my partner got me into, it’s about a young, anti-social computer programmer Elliot works as a cybersecurity engineer during the day, but at night he is a vigilante hacker.

Box Sets

I have a few box set’s in my collection and i have recently thought i would start to watch them again. First on my list is FRIENDS, i love this program, iv been cleaning or blogging while it’s on and just so easy to watch!


I haven’t been watching much tv recently, but the one program I have been watching is The Great British Bake Off. I have watch every series and I love it!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, what have you been watching, leave it in the comments below or you could message me!


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