Who i watch on YouTube

Hi everyone sorry I haven’t been posting much life has been a bit busy recently, today I thought I would share the small list of people I watch on YouTube.

For a long time I didn’t use YouTube, I watched a few videos every now a then but never subscribed. But things changed at the beginning of this year when I found a few people I actually enjoyed watching, here’s my small list.

First is Jessica Braun ~ @JAMbeauty89

Jessica is my favourite YouTuber, her channel is all about beauty but she also does unboxing videos! She has just posted her first vlog that features her husband Tyler and there gorgeous beagle puppy Pinocchio! If you love honest reviews, makeup and Disney you will love Jessica’s channel.

Tyler Braun ~ @TylerTravelsTV

I found Tyler’s channel though Jessica’s as they are husband and wife, his channel is all about travel, food, he has also done a vlog series while he was on his honeymoon with Jessica!

Mikhila ~ Miss budget beauty & Diary of a spendaholic

I love both of these channels for very different reasons but mainly I really enjoying watching them because Mikhila is so honest when she’s reviewing products. Her MBB channel is all about beauty where her DOAS channel is where you will find her Vlogs, unboxing’s and where she talks about the higher end products she loves!

Other channels I watch..

Giovannasworld / Ms GoldGirl / Good Mythical Morning

I really hope you enjoyed this post, what YouTubers do you recommend leave all your messages in the comments below or contact me privately on my Contact page!

Sophie Xx

*StayTuned*  My latest My Little Box review will be up very soon!!


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