What iv been watching

What iv been watching “September”

Hi everyone i cant belive this month is over already, please let me know what you have been watching this month weather its a new release or an old favourite!


Like i mentioned in last months post i haven’t been watching much TV lately but this month a few new series that iv been so excited to watch. Heres my little list.

Downton Abby ~ I am so glad that its this time of year again, i have loved Downton Abby since the first session and I’m so sad that its coming to an end.

This is England ’90 ~ I have a close connection to This is England as its film and set in my hometown! I loved and watched this program from the beginning. If you haven’t heard of it i would recommend watching the Movie This is England.

Shane Meadows has also done other movies set and filming in my hometown so be sure t check them out!

Doctor Foster ~ Doctor Foster is a BBC British drama about a trusted GP who suspects her husband is having an affair. I haven’t watched a program like this before and i think its done perfectly theres always secrets unraveling.

Box set’s

One Tree Hill Session 1 ~ OTH is my all time favourite program, if you haven’t heard about it before the first season follows junior Lucas Scott as he joins his High School basketball team and forges a relationship with his brother Nathan Scott, while also coming to terms with who he is and who his father is.

There was 9 sessions of One Tree Hill and every session was as good as the first! This is definitely one to watch!

Please leave your own recommendations in the comments bar below i would love to hear what you have been watching!

Sophie Xx


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