Cook Book Collection – New Additions

I have a massive cookbook collection and though my blog I’m going to share with you reviews and recipes I love. My family knows how much I love to cook and my love of cook book’s so for my birthday they brought me some new addictions and today I’m going to share my first thoughts with you.

First is what I have started to call My Mexican food Bible – Mexico The Cookbook by Margarita Carrillo Arrante. 

This book is a monster of a cook book! Mexican food is one of my favourite cuisines to cook and eat, iv been wanting a book for a while that has loads of traditional mexican recipes. This book is perfect! it has 681 pages full of recipes and pictures. And features street food and Snacks, Salads and Starters, Eggs, Soups, Fish and Seafood, Meat, Vegetables, Sauces, Rice and Beans, Breads and Pastries, Drinks and Desserts It also includes recipes from Guest Chefs. I am yet to try any of these recipes but I cant wait! I will  post as soon as I do!

Hemsley Hemsley – The art of eating well

This book is focused on eating and feeling the best you can, this cook is full of healthy recipes and tips and trick on eating “Clean”.

The Tucci Table – Stanley Tucci & Felicity Blunt

Stanley Tucci is famous for being in the devil wears Prada and many more films, but i didn’t know he loved to cook! This book has some amazing pasta, deserts and meat recipes.

Kris Jenner – In the kitchen with Kris – A kollection of Kardashian and Jenner recipes.

This cook has had a lot of criticism I understand Kris isn’t a cook or chef but with that said I had to have it in my collection. Its full of her family recipes. The book features recipes like Hearty Chicken Soup, Armenian Lamb Shish Kebabs and the recipe I recently posted Khloe’s Buttermilk fried chicken. Which tuned out amazing, the recipes are so easy to follow!  I cant wait to try more of her family’s favourite  recipes.

Sophie Xx

**Stay Tuned** I will soon be sharing a list of all the cookbooks in my collection!


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