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Favourites ~ L’Occitane en Provence

Since a young age I have had Psoriasis a skin condition that causes itchy, red, flaky, skin. For a long time I have just had it on my scalp but as iv gotten older I have started to get patches on my arms and chest. I have never found anything that has helped my Psoriasis and it started to affect my confidence.

Until I got a few travel sized versions of the L’Occitane Verbena body lotion and Soap in a My Little Box. These products smell so fresh, it reminds me of lemons and limes, I love the formula of the lotion, it’s not greasy or sticky it leaves the skin feeling moisturised and smooth! For my birthday my Mum brought me a gift box from L’Occitane which included the Verbena Body lotion, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Soap with verbena leaves all full size.

These products aren’t the cheapest but if you do suffered from Psoriasis this product is worth a try! Within a week of using the lotion and soap all my Psoriasis on my arms has vanished!

Products mentioned

Verbena Body Lotion, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Leaf Soap. All products can be found by clicking the link below.,83,1,29793,0.htm

Sophie Xx


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