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Hi everyone as you all may know I’m from the UK and Thanksgiving isn’t something we celebrate (even though I wish we did). To me giving thanks one day a year really is refreshing. We spend so much of our lives worrying about things that are meaningless and we can often forget what really matters.

This time of year always makes me thankful for what I have and even more so with the horrible things that have been happening around the world. I wanted to share with you a few things that I’m thankful for.

  •  I’m thankful that I got to spend another year with the ones I love and that my family are safe and well. Our lives are so busy that we can take out families for granted but with what is happening in the world I couldn’t  be more thankful that they are all well.
  • I’m thankful for the 7 years I have spent with my partner Harry, as some of you my know we are in a long distance relationship and it dose take work but I’m so thankful that  7 years on we are still in love and still together.
  • I’m thankful that its christmas time, this time of year is really my favourite, the christmas trees, the lights, mince pie’s and Christmas movies.
  • Lastly, Im thankful for my blog and for everyone who reads it, follows it, likes my post and comments. This blog really has become a big part of my life and I really enjoy sharing my life with you all.

To all the Americans who read my blog Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a magical day filled with food and laugher. And to those from the UK or anywhere in the world who doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, please take the time out to think or tell the people you love what you are thankful for.

Sophie Xx





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