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City Guide ~ Cambridge

August last was Harry’s and my 7th Year Anniversary and to celebrate we spent the day in Cambridge. The one reason I love being from the UK is that we have so much history and you see this when walking the streets of Cambridge, the old ally ways, the college’s and the markets are all part of our history that makes England just amazing!

Like with any city we visit we use the local Park & Ride, I find it the easiest way to get in the city centre without worrying about parking,time limits or the hefty pricing. Once in the centre you see the beauty of the place, the old streets, shop fronts and of course the grand colleges!!

Things to do..

Like with any city there is so much do, but i find the best way to get to know a place is just by walking the street, you will find some hidden gems which will turn out to your favourite places not the people from trip adviser! So put away your phones and walk!! One of the things we did while there was a  Punting Trip on the river Cam, it cost about £15 each and lasted nearly 1hour. I would really recommend punting as you get to find out information on the colleges and funny stories that have happened. Which other wise you wouldn’t known.
There is also the Fitz William museum with is free and perfect for a rainy day.

Eat & Drink.. 

Before we visited we had a look online to see any independent restaurants or pubs where we could have a meal and a drink or two. We found a restaurant called Butch Annie’s. It’s are a burger joint which is a hit with the students of Cambridge. As Harry is a massive burger fan we clearly had to try it!! The service was brilliant and food well its heaven! Another pluses about this restaurant is that all there burgers come in a Veggie option so you don’t have to feel left our if your Vegetarian! I recommend – The Le Parisien burger with there homemade skin on fries and a chocolate shake which all comes to £14.70 but its worth it!

The Eagle ~ We also visited the Eagle to have a few drinks, the thing about the eagle is its different! There RAF bar ceiling I covers with writing, during the first world war US solders signed there squadron numbers. It was also the drinking and thinking hub where Watson and Crick announced they had discovered ‘the secret of life’.

Cambridge City centre is the perfect mix of old and new, you have the colleges the old streets but also a new modern shopping centre which houses stores like Apple and Krispy Kream. Cambridge is the perfect place for a long weekend brake or day trip. In the small time I was there I really did fall in love with the place!!

What places do you love to visit in Cambridge, what places to you love visiting for a long weekend or day trip? Please leave your comments below or message me privately, cant wait to here from you all!!

Sophie Xx


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