What’s your Summer adventure ?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 17.16.58Summer is still a while away but it is almost here and we are all starting to think of where we are going to spend our summer holidays. This year my partner, my sister and I are heading of for a week in Cornwall, and I’m so excited. My Sister and I have only visited Cornwall once, when we were younger, but it was only for the day while we was in Devon. This time we are camping in St Ives, we are going to use it as a base then travel out to all the little cornish seaside towns and beaches! Alot of people hate camping but iv been doing it since I was a baby, so camping is in my blood! I love the outdoors and Cornwall has a lot to offer, amazing beaches and secret coves, long coastal walks and beautiful fishing towns and harbours!

In the next few months ill be posting recipe ideas for long car journeys, what to pack for a week camping, My camping Tips & Tricks and I will also be sharing some of the places we are thinking about visiting.  I cant wait to bring you all along on my summer adventure. And share all my thoughts and pictures will you all!!!

What’s your summer Adventure? What places do you love to visit in Cornwall? Leave your answers in the comment section below or message using my contact form!

Sophie Xx


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