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Too Faced Foundation


For a while now iv been dying to try the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. Iv been thinking about getting this product for ages, so once my old foundation ran out I just had to get it!

First thoughts ~ I absolutely love the finish of the foundation on my skin. I find it hard to get the right colour for my skin tone they always end up being orange or way to light, but this is a perfect match. This really is one of the best foundations iv used, I have a lot of redness and an uneven skin tone and this covers perfectly! I apply my foundation with a beauty blender and you always get the best coverage. I would say this foundation is perfect for Dry to combo skin, it adds a nice subtle radiance without it looking to oily!

Where to Buy ~ I brought mine at  Debenhams for £29 or you can also buy it on the Too faced website.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about another product I love! If you have any questions about this product feel free to message me!

Sophie Xx


10 thoughts on “Too Faced Foundation”

      1. Sorry if it’s too many questions but what type of skin type would you say it’s for? It’s been between the Estee Lauder Double Wear and this one and I think i’ll probably go for this one! Great review and thanks for your help 🙂 x


      2. Hey, its fine ask me as much as you like! I would say its good for Dry to Combo. I have dry skin and it adds a nice radiance to it without to it looking oily! Have you considered going to the counters and getting them to apply it for you? That might help with seeing if its for your skin type? Im really glad you liked the review and thanks for following!! Xx

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      3. That’s great to know! I’ll definitely try it out once my current one runs out! Nah I’ve never really fancied going to those counters, I get nervous haha! X


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