Project Life

Project life ~Part 1

At the beginning of the year I made a resolution to become better at photography, so far Iv been loving the photos iv been taking which has made me create a photography gallery  right here on WordPress. This wasn’t enough for me though, I needed a more creative way to document my progress. And thats when I found Project life!

For the past few years iv been a big scrapbooker, but now iv become bored of my photos not being the main focus.  Project life is different, Instead of embellishments, glue and spending hours to get the best layout, all you do is put a photo in a pocket!

I wanted share with you my first pages, Im really enjoying this new hobby of mine and this has really become my favourite ways of documenting! Its so easy and looks so much more professional then other scrapbooks iv made in the past!

I love the way these pages have turned out, I cant wait to share more pages with you all! Please feel free to leave your comments on my pages or ask questions about project life. Also if you have been project lifeing for along time i would love hear your tips and tricks!

Ill be posting about where I got my binder and pocket pages soon!

Sophie Xx


2 thoughts on “Project life ~Part 1”

  1. I love the idea of Project Life for its simplicity, though I think I’d miss all the embellishing that comes with scrapbooking! I tend to be about half way these days, more a time factor than anything else. I’m definitely a big fan of anywhere photos are printed, and not living in a computer somewhere!


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