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A day in Oxford

Over the long weekend I spent the day visiting Oxford with my family. Oxford holds a very special place in my heat, iv been visiting Oxford nearly every year since I can remember.

The first thing I do every-time I visit this town is walk, I love the old streets and exploring  the collages.

As is started to rain really heavy we walked to a pub called The head of the river. My dad took me here a few years back, its lovely o a sunny day as it sits right next to the River. Once the rain stepped we visited The Alice shop and then head of to the free museums to get away from the rain. The Pitt Rivers & The Oxford University Museum of Natural History are my favourite’s to visit, they are both free and are perfect visit on a rainy day.

After the museums we headed of for a bit to eat, we visited anther of my favourite places The Turf tavern,  This is one of my dads favourite pubs and iv been visiting this place for years. My dad loves inspector morse and Lewis and the Turf Tavern as featured in many of the Episodes.



At the end of the day we headed of to The Tout Inn another family favourite. The restaurant sits on the side of the Thames, an the food is delicious!

Other favourite Pubs to visit

~ The Bear, hidden down one of Oxfords allies is a small, I mean very small pub with lads of charter. Look out for all ties hanging on the walls!

~ The Eagle & Child, the pub is where J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and fellow writers hung out and called themselves  “The Inklings”.

My Tips and Tricks

  • Park & Ride – Parking in the centre of any busy town is a nightmare, I always you the local park and ride as it makes the day start and finish easy!
  • Bens Cookies – If your after a treat check out Ben’s cookies there yummy and google and just perfect!
  • When visiting any city just walk and explore the town you will always find your own  favourite spots and places to go!


Sophie Xx




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