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Green Tea Face Mask

Hi guys today I wanted to share a quick post about a product I’m currently loving. Recently my skin hasn’t been feeling it’s best, so I was on look out for a mask that would help. This is when I found The Creme Shop ~ Green tea face mask 

The Benefits 

Green tea’s anti – bacterial agents regulate hormonal imbalances, thereby reducing inflammation and redness.

  • Hydrating
  • Inflammation Reduction

Iv seen loads of  mixed reviews on this product and was a little sceptical, but honestly I have loved using these mask’s and they really have made a difference to my skin! It feels refreshed, cleaner and smother. As it’s a sheet face mask it’s so much easier to apply and also take off, I would recommend not to wash your face after use, this will allow your skin to absorb the nutrients. Overall I would definitely use this product again!

Tip ~ Refigerate before use for a refreshing, cooling effect, it really makes all the difference.

Do you have any favourite sheet mask’s you would recommend, please leave a comment as I’m  really interested in trying more!

Sophie Xx



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