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Planning & Planner Stickers

Iv never really been one to plan, I would always start the year with the intention of planning, so I would buy a dairy and use it for about month or less than never touch it again! Since moving to a new town, starting a new job and having more responsibilities iv now had to be more organised. So iv bought a planner and iv used it for nearly 2 months now!!

The planner trend has really hit of and it never really was something I was interested in, but now I plan I see why people buy so many planner stickers! For me I don’t find planning fun so having stickers and embellishments makes me want to open my planner and plan the next few weeks!

A few weeks ago I headed over to Etsy  to have a look at the Planner stickers. People really go all out on decorative planning but for me I wanted my planner to be simple. I ordered my sticker sheets from The library Designs, I only ordered 3 sheets, I could have gone crazy!!

If your after a simple way of making your planner pretty then definitely take a look at her shop, the stickers are good quality and don’t cost a small fortune!

If you plan and use planner sticker ‘s please let me know what Etsy stores you use!

Sophie Xx


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