My 2017 approach to Project Life

This past year iv been using the Project Life system to document all the trips, holiday’s and family weekend’s of 2016. Project life is the easiest way to document. The pages I have created this year are my favourite pages iv ever created!

Changers ~ My 2017 approach is the same one iv used this year but with a few changes. I’m going to still document monthly and I’m still going document trips, weekend’s and holidays but I want to start documenting more of my everyday. I want to document more photos of me and my parter cooking, baking, I want my album to be more personal!

Journaling ~ I’m also going to add more journaling to my pocket pages. I find it hard to write what I’m thinking. But when I was looking though this years album I was thinking what if someone was looking though it and I wasnt sitting next to them guiding them though, what would they think? They wouldn’t know the stories behind the photos, they wouldnt know my thoughts. So my aim is to journal, just a few sentences of what happening, my thoughts at the time or something funny that happened!

Album size – this is something I’m nervous about! This year iv been working in a 9×6 Studio Calico Album and iv loved it. But the quality of the album is know where near the quality of the Becky Higgins albums iv seen. So in 2017 I’m going to try 12 x 12!!! I’m still going to add in 9×6 page protectors as I have hundreds of them to use up! But most of the layouts will be 12 x 12. So this mean more pocket’s to fill!!

Key Changes

  • Album size
  • To add more jornaling,
  • To make my albums more personal

Whats your Project life 2017 approach? Are you making any big changers or have you found your favourite way of documenting the year?  Let me know in the comments below as this will be my second year I’m still a beginner and I’m still trying to find my way, so all your ideas are welcome!

For inspiration and regular pocket page updates check out my Instagram page @sophiespocketpages!

Sophie Xx


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