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Fall decor ideas for a small space 

Fall is here and Halloween is just a week away! As everyone knows ,this is my favourite session, I love the pumpkins and all the fall decorations. But as I currently live with my boyfriend at his family home, we don’t have a lot of space. So I have had to come up with a few tricks to keep the space free from clutter while feeding my need for sessional decorations. Here are my tips & tricks for decorating small spaces.

Coffee Mugs   These are something you use constantly so why not make them sessional? I have a summer collection, christmas collection and now a growing fall/Halloween collection. They will being the feel of season with out taking up to much space. And once the session is over just wrap them up and put them in a small store box till next year. I always forget what mugs I own so it’s a nice surprise at the being of each season.

Candles & Wax burners   Sessional candles are the best way to bring the session in to a small space, they will fill your home with your favourite sessional scents and they don’t have to cost a lot! Check out TK MAXX & Homesense if you live in the UK for cheap fall candles! This session I have one candle on the go, Witches’ Brew from Yankee Candle The scent ~ Spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli.

Wax burners are another anther favourite of mine, I have a Pumpkin wax burner from Yankee Candle, my current favourite wax melt is Yankee Candles Forbidden Apple!

String Lights  I love adding fairy lights to make my space feel more sessional, I normally just use white lights for christmas but this fall I have added small pumpkin lights. You can get these lights pretty cheap, mine were only £3!

Munchkin pumpkins These pumpkins are perfect for small spaces, they are so tiny & so cute! They can be added to a desk, book shelf or tv stand and instantly make the room ready for fall! I brought mine for 90p, this is definitely budget friendly!!

These are my ideas for decorating small spaces, if you have any other ideas please  comment and let me know, I’m always looking for different way’s to being the session in to the home. Happy Fall!!

Sophie Xx 



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