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Brunch the Keto way

This Chorizo Omelette is one of the best omelettes I have ever eaten! And it’s so easy to make! To make this your kind of perfect you can add different toppings like a teaspoon of sour cream, crispy bacon or small chunks of avacodo!

Chorizo Omelette – serves 2 – takes 15 / 20 minutes


• 4 large eggs

• 2 1/4 cups of spinach

• Grated cheddar and grated red (lowest carb cheese you can find)

• Good quality chorizo – skin off and cut into chunks

• Heavy whipping cream

• Spring onions sliced finely seperating whites and greens.

• Non-stick pan

First mix toghter eggs, heavy whipping cream, white onion and spinach and set a side.

Warm up your non-stick pan, there’s no need to add oil. Once hot add all the chorizo and cook till brown.

Empty the pan and pour in the egg mix, let it cook for a few minutes for it to firm up then sprinkle on the two cheeses.

Once it starts to melt fold over one side of the omelette and leave for a few minutes.

Once cooked cut in half and place on your serving dish, top with more cheese, the remaining green onion and the chorizo chunks.

Serve with your favourite black coffee!


Sophie Xx


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