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The Skin Care Diary’s

My skin care Issues

I have never been one to wear a full face of make-up day in day out, I love to look good don’t get me wrong and make-up definitely gives me more confidence. But my sensitive skin can’t handle it. I suffer from redness and dryness and nothing seems to cover it. If I use a thick high coverage foundation it covers the readiness but becomes cake, I can never find one which can do everything I want it to do.

I have been using the simple products from boots for ages now they have been the only skin care that’s soothes and calms my skin and redness but it has never clears it completely.

Iv always loved the look of Glossier as a brand but never looked into their indervidual product range. So after watching a lot of YouTube videos I decided to give them ago. here are my thoughts!

My thoughts on Glossier

Super Pure

  • Price – £24
  • What is it?  – A Niacinamide face serum
  • Benefits  – soothing, balancing, redness reducing, purifying.

I have heard mixed reviews on this product a lot of people have hated it and a lot of people love it. I brought it hoping and praying this would help my skin, as it’s not the cheapest product to take a risk on. But I can say it’s worked!  I have been using this for the past week and I have already noticed a big difference. My redness has reduced massively and my skin look and feels so much better!

How I have been using Super Pure

  • Step 1 – I wash my face
  • Step 2 – I then use a cleanser ( I used The Milky Jelly Cleanser I got a free sample with my Glossier order, I loved this cleanser and have recently place another order)
  • Step 3 – I put a few drops of Super Pure only worst areas then pat into my skin
  • Step 4 – Once it has sunk into my skin I  then use a moisturizer

Perfecting skin tint

  • Price – £20
  • What is it? A skin tint with light coverage.
  • Benefits  – Breathable, smoothing, refining, enhancing.
  • Shade Range – 5 shades

If you love high coverage foundation then this product isn’t for you as it is very light coverage, but if you want to enhance your skin then it’s perfect.

I ordered this in the shades light and medium as I didn’t know what colour would best suit my skin tone. After trying both I feel like the medium gives me more of a natural looking glow then the shade light. This skin tint won’t hide freckles or that annoying break out, but it will make your skin look more perfected, will add more colour and brighten up your skin giving you a very natural look. I was worried about this product but after using it a few times I’m in love! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t really care about what make up I wear completed my skin and said how good it make my skin look!

Final Thoughts 

I finally feel like my skin is looking and feeling how I want it to and iv finally got a hold on it! I have noticed a big change since using Super Pure and I love the look the sink tint gives me. I cant wait to try more from this company I think I have finally found skin care I love that works perfectly for me!

Sophie Xx


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