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the decor diaries

For the past year and half Harry and have been living together in North Wales at his family home, we have been staying here to save up to eventually move into our own home. Recently we have all been finding it hard with the lack of space, so his parents have converted an out building into a kitchen, living room and bathroom for Harry and I. The kitchen & Bathroom areas are nearly completed and I thought I share them with you!

The Bathroom

I wanted to keep the bathroom looking clean and fresh so we choose to paint the walls white and to add a splash of turquoise with the accessories. I brought the ceramic soap dispenser and tooth brush holder from Homesense for £3.99 each. I love the look plants give to a room, but I don’t want to have to water them everyday so we brought a fake plant from IKEA for £8.00 and the pot was £1.90.

The Kitchen



I wanted my cupboards to be tidy and organised so for £3.99 each from home bargains I brought these glass jars and labeled them with some stickers I received in a subscription box years ago. I have also brought black and grey wire baskets for my kitchen cupboards, this has made them more organised and easy to get to different ingredients! They can be expense i brought mine from tkmax and home sense.




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