My city break beauty/skincare essentials

In 2 days my partner and I are traveling to Edinburgh for a long weekend, I’m in love with this city and can’t wait to show into my partner! We will only be there for 4 days so we are sharing a North Face base camp duffel bag, which means packing light! This might be difficult!

That past few weeks my skin hasn’t been right so I’m taking minimal make up on this trip to let my skin get back on track! But I will be tacking the basics my Born this way Two faced foundation, massacre and my soup and glory eye brow pencil.

The travel bag ill be taking is my new Rituals Travel bag – £25  the main pocket is massive, inside as two smaller pockets perfect for small lipsticks or balms. I really love this bag, it hold more than I thought it would and the colour is amazing!

Inside my travel bag

LUSH – The Comforter – £9.95 I love this shower creme and couldn’t imagine traveling without it. As I have the large bottle I’m going to transfer some to a small travel sized container. The comforter leaves your skin felling soft and smelling amazing!

LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub – £5.75 Edinburgh is cold and my lips can get easy shaped and sore so this is a must! I’ll be keeping tis in my small backpack for while we are exploring the city. This product is perfect for taking away dry skin before applying lip blame or lipstick.

Simple Kind to skin face wash & moisturizer, My skin recently has been horrible all due to stress! So iv been focusing a lot on my skin care route and see what works for me. I’m taking both so I can carry on part of my skin care route while I’m away.

I also have the cleanser and toner which iv been loving but my parter will kill me if I take all these bottles. He’s carrying the back pack!!

Paul Smith Tooth brush £11, I received this as a gift years go and totally forgot about it.  I love it as a travel toothbrush.

Lastly I’m be taking my Tangle Tezzer, I can not travel with out this thing!!

I hope you liked this post and found it little bit helpful, I’ll be sharing a lot about my Edinburgh trip in the next few week’s so stay tuned!

Sophie Xx

Sophie Loves

Each month or week ( I haven’t decided yet) I want to share a few things i’m loving! As like every beauty YouTuber out there, each and every month they share the products they have used and loved that month.

Well I wanted to do this differently! I want to share my favorite pinterest board or image, the Instagram accounts im currently obsession over or holiday destination I can’t help myself to look at! Basically I want to share the things im Loving!

Edinburgh ~ I can never get enough of looking at photos of Edinburgh but now I have an excuse, in April Harry & I are taking a trip to the Scottish capital! Check out my Edinburgh board to see more! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 18.41.38.png

Instagram Account ~ Disney At Home, Ok so I’m a massive Disney fan, this account features photos of Disney home ware around the home! unknown to my partner I’m getting a lot of Disney inspiration from this site for our home!

The Hockley Arts Club Nottingham ~ The Photo’s I took speaks for its self!  But since visiting The Hockley Arts Club just before Christmas I can’t get this place out of my head! From  choice of cocktails to the decor this place is so unique and is one of the many reasons why hometown is on of my favorite City’s! Everything about this place is magical, I cant wait to visit this place again! Thanks Dad for taking me here! ( My Dad knows all the best places in Nottingham!)

Sophie Xx

A day in Oxford

Over the long weekend I spent the day visiting Oxford with my family. Oxford holds a very special place in my heat, iv been visiting Oxford nearly every year since I can remember.

The first thing I do every-time I visit this town is walk, I love the old streets and exploring  the collages.

As is started to rain really heavy we walked to a pub called The head of the river. My dad took me here a few years back, its lovely o a sunny day as it sits right next to the River. Once the rain stepped we visited The Alice shop and then head of to the free museums to get away from the rain. The Pitt Rivers & The Oxford University Museum of Natural History are my favourite’s to visit, they are both free and are perfect visit on a rainy day.

After the museums we headed of for a bit to eat, we visited anther of my favourite places The Turf tavern,  This is one of my dads favourite pubs and iv been visiting this place for years. My dad loves inspector morse and Lewis and the Turf Tavern as featured in many of the Episodes.



At the end of the day we headed of to The Tout Inn another family favourite. The restaurant sits on the side of the Thames, an the food is delicious!

Other favourite Pubs to visit

~ The Bear, hidden down one of Oxfords allies is a small, I mean very small pub with lads of charter. Look out for all ties hanging on the walls!

~ The Eagle & Child, the pub is where J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and fellow writers hung out and called themselves  “The Inklings”.

My Tips and Tricks

  • Park & Ride – Parking in the centre of any busy town is a nightmare, I always you the local park and ride as it makes the day start and finish easy!
  • Bens Cookies – If your after a treat check out Ben’s cookies there yummy and google and just perfect!
  • When visiting any city just walk and explore the town you will always find your own  favourite spots and places to go!


Sophie Xx



What’s your Summer adventure ?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 17.16.58Summer is still a while away but it is almost here and we are all starting to think of where we are going to spend our summer holidays. This year my partner, my sister and I are heading of for a week in Cornwall, and I’m so excited. My Sister and I have only visited Cornwall once, when we were younger, but it was only for the day while we was in Devon. This time we are camping in St Ives, we are going to use it as a base then travel out to all the little cornish seaside towns and beaches! Alot of people hate camping but iv been doing it since I was a baby, so camping is in my blood! I love the outdoors and Cornwall has a lot to offer, amazing beaches and secret coves, long coastal walks and beautiful fishing towns and harbours!

In the next few months ill be posting recipe ideas for long car journeys, what to pack for a week camping, My camping Tips & Tricks and I will also be sharing some of the places we are thinking about visiting.  I cant wait to bring you all along on my summer adventure. And share all my thoughts and pictures will you all!!!

What’s your summer Adventure? What places do you love to visit in Cornwall? Leave your answers in the comment section below or message using my contact form!

Sophie Xx