The Harry Potter Tag

Just like many others around the world I grew up reading the Harry Potter books. I remember being so excited when the first movie came out, my Mum & I would go every year to see the next Harry Potter film! I also dreamt about being a witch going to Hogwarts and being sorted in… Continue reading The Harry Potter Tag

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Sophie’s Autumn Reading list

Since getting back from the lake district all I have wanted to do is read and get away from the cold weather with a good book and mug of coffee or hot chocolate. Recently I have been re reading the my favourite book series Harry Potter and I'm currently on The Half Blood Prince, I love… Continue reading Sophie’s Autumn Reading list


“October” Favourites

I cant believe this month is nearly over, October is my favourite month the leaves change colour, its my birthday, Halloween and pumpkin carving. Everything about this month is a favourite. My first favourite is the Nescafe gingerbread latte I first tried this earlier in the mouth its like fall in a mug! It's the… Continue reading “October” Favourites