Well hello Fall!

Happy first day of fall! This year iv made a fall bucket list and I intended to tick even single one of! Fall is my favourite time of year, since I was little this time of year has been magical to me. Watching the leaves change from a vibrant green to dark oranges, picking your pumpkin and going home to carve it and watching the fireworks at 5th of November bonfire. 

This fall I’m going to share my favourite fall recipe ideas, my favourite fall candles and my own ideas to get your home cozy for the long fall nights! Their is so much about this season I love and I cant wait to start writing and shearing my Fall adventures will you!! 


There is still so much I could add to this list, Watch Fall Movie’s ~ Hocus Pocus, Jump in fallen leaves, Take a scenic fall walk. Please leave a comment and let me know whats on your fall bucket list! 

Sophie Xx

Autumn ready!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 17.37.40.png

September is here! I really love this time of year, Leaves falling, pumpkins, hot chocolate, the trees turning different shades of orange.  I’ve had one of the best summers travelling around the UK and finally making the move to live in North Wales, 2016 really has been a big year for me! I’m so excited to see where these next few seasons take us! Today I wanted to share a few of the things that are on the top of my wish list!

I’ve always had an addiction to candles, and these two yankee candles are at the top of my wish list! Fire side treats is a perfect scent to burn in October!  Jumpers are my go to on cold Autumn evenings, paired with skinny jeans, boots and fall coloured bag! Lastly, Ugg slippers have been on my wish list for ever! There’s nothing like relaxing at home with a good book or movie and a mug of Coffee! Especially on cold autumn nights!

Sophie Xx

“November ” favourites

I can’t believe we are already in the last month of 2015 and it will soon be Christmas. November for me is a long month as my excitment for Chrismtas starts at the end of October it feels like it takes forever!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 14.25.02

My first favouite of Novemver is my new christmas jumper! If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen my post. I brought it at H&M for £14.99. I first saw it in Glamour magazine and I just new I had to have it! #EflieSelfie

My next favourite are my new Dino slippers from Asos, they are again £14.99 and I love them!! They are so fun and really good guilty!

Subscription of the month – Bright paper packages out of all the boxes I have received BPP wins hands down from the way it was packaged to the contents, I loved this box!

Lastly its my new favouite drink, Last month I told you about the Nescafe Gingerbread latte well I have now started to love the Nescafe Mint Mocha its heavenly!

What were your November Favourites?

Sophie Xx



“October” Favourites

I cant believe this month is nearly over, October is my favourite month the leaves change colour, its my birthday, Halloween and pumpkin carving. Everything about this month is a favourite.

My first favourite is the Nescafe gingerbread latte I first tried this earlier in the mouth its like fall in a mug! It’s the perfect drink to have while reading in your pjs!

Apple Tv ~ I got Apple Tv for my birthday at the beginning of the mouth and I have fallen in love! Click the link for more information!

Fall Candles ~ For my birthday my mum brought be some amazing fall candles. Here are a few of my favourite sent’s for this time of year. I get all my candles from TK MAXX or their sister company Homesense. They offer a wide range of candles from England and America! And for half the price!!

  • Yankee Candle ~ Fireside Treats
  • Frosted Cookies – Dw Home (Perfect for December)
  • Fall Foliage – Chesapeake Bay Candle
  • Season’s Greeting Gingerbread – Copenhagen Candle Company

Book of the month ~ Miranda Dickinson A Parcel for Anna Browne. This was another birthday present my Mum got me, Miranda Dickinson is one of my favourite authors and this book has to be one of her best! The story is about Anna Brown is an ordinary women living an ordinary life. Her day job as a receptionist in bustling London isn’t exactly her dream, yet she has everything she wants. But someone thinks ann Brown deserves more.. When a parcel addressed to Anna arrives, she has no idea who has sent it. Inside she finds a beautiful gift – one that is designed to be seen. And so begins a series of incredible deliveries, each one bringing Anna further out of the shadows. But who is sending her mysterious gift and why? I couldn’t put this book down, the story is perfect to curl up with on an Autumn night!

Perfume ~ Victoica’s Secret  Love Me ~ At the beginning of this month my partner brought me this perfume for my birthday. I have been wanting this for while and I’m so happy it’s now part of my collection!

What have been your favourites this month? Please leave a comment or message me thought my social media accounts, I would love to hear from you!

Lets see we what November brings!

Sophie Xx

“Fall” NYC Travel Guide

This time 2 years ago I was getting ready to fly to New York City for my 21st birthday. Since a young age I have had an obsession over anything American and my dream is to visit as many states as possible. As New York was my first US state visited it holds a very special place in my heart!

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies”   ~ Joe Fox

New York is at its prettiest during fall/winter and I miss it every year. There’s nothing better than walking around Central Park with the leaves crunching under foot with a hot chocolate keeping your hands warm! Oh it sounds perfect right now!

So this post is my “Fall” New York City Travel Guide and also an excuse for me to reminisce. Lets get started!!

Where I stayed.

While in New York City I stayed at the Beacon Hotel in the Upper West Side. I loved this location as I’m as massive You’ve Got Mail movie fan I was in my element! As everyone knows New York Hotel rooms are very small but at the Beacon it was like having your very own NYC apartment. The location for this hotel was the main stand out, with it being only a few blocks from Strawberry Fields and the Lake, a 2 minute walk to the closest Starbuck and only across the road to Fairway Market this hotel really is perfect!. The staffs were so friendly and willing to answer all our questions. I really can’t recommend this hotel enough!!

Seeing the sites. 

  • Central Park – You can’t visit New York in the fall without walking though Central Park. As the leaves are changing colour and there covering the paths Central park is gorgeous. You could either take in all the views by foot or take a horse and carriage ride and keep warm by snuggling up and watching the sites pass by.
  • Rockefeller Center – Now this is a must, take the elevator to the top and enjoy the best views over New York. I loved visited the Top of the Rock as you get views over The Empire State, Central Park and Freedom Tower.
  • Times Square – Ok so no matter what time of year Time Square is always on the list of things to see! I recommend going twice once at night and once in the day, there’s nothing better than seeing the lights.

Shopping Shopping Shopping – Ok so this is another thing that’s on the list no matter what the season! I love Christmas so I was really happy that all the Christmas stock was in the stores like Christmas cards, decorations and also Christmas gift sets that you can’t get here in the UK! Also as America does Halloween bigger and better than us look out for Halloween candy!!

Where to Eat & Drink

Ok so this all depends on how much money you have decided to spend, while I was there with my Mum and Sister we wanted to eat proper american food without the fancy price tag. In New York there’s so much to choose from. 1. Do your research! 2. Talk to the staff in your hotel, they will know the best places that locals love that are not tourist hot spots.

My Tips & Tricks

  •  Walk EVERYWHERE ~ Theres no better way to see everyday Manhattan life then walking the side walks! While I was in New York my family and I only used the subway once, not because of money but because we wanted to see things and find those places we wouldn’t have found without walking!
  • Catching Yellow Cabs ~ While visiting we took a few cabs daily at night when we didn’t want to use the subway and also on the days we did loads of shopping it’s so much easier than walking with all your bags! Just remember if you’re in Midtown hailing a cab you could be sitting in a lot of traffic!
  • Markets not Room Service! ~ First things first, room service is expensive anywhere you go so if you are wanting some food while you’re relaxing in you hotel room take a trip to the local market/store it works it a lot cheaper!

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I really hope you enjoyed this post I cant wait to share more of my travels with you!

Sophie Xx

**Stay TUNED** I will be posting a few more posts where I will got in to more detail on the places I love to visit in NYC. Also stay tuned for October’s My Little box!!