Dream Interiors ~ Khloe Kardashian’s California home

Hi Guys! This is my first post for my new Dream Interiors series! All the homes I’m going to share are ones I probably will never afford but long to have! Hey a girl can dream!

This beautiful home was featured in Architectural Digest and belongs to Khloe Kardashian. Her interiors have a mix of Moroccan, Turkish and middle Eastern touches but are done in  light and modern way. This home clearly costs millions but we can take inspiration from the colours, fabrics, light fittings and use of space and bring it in to our own homes.

I love the simplicity of this home, and the muted colour schemes makes it look instantly calming. I also love the subtle middle eastern touches e.g. light fittings, mirrors and coving’s . This really is my dream home!

What are your thoughts to Khloe Kardashians home? Would you do anything differently ? Let me know in the comments below!

Sophie Xx

*All pictures in this post are from Architects Digest website, click the link to see the original article and Kourtney Kardashians home. *

My love for Interior Design ~ P1

Since a young age I have loved interior design and longed to have a home of my own. When I have any free time I love to sit with a coffee and look though interior magazines, decor websites and create Pinterest boards, sounds crazy but I love it!! So I thought I  would start sharing my finds with you all as I think we all need a little bit of inspiration from time to time!

At the moment I live at my family home in Nottingham, so my love for interior design has had to be pushed to the side for a while as I only have one room to play with. But within a few short weeks ill be moving to North Wales to live with my partner! Its very scary but I’m so excited, as you could imagine Im already pinning to many decor ideas!

I want to take you along with me on this interior design journey, I want to share with you the celebrity homes I love, colour schemes I’m thinking about, what I’m buying and my own ideas for the rooms in my home! I hope you enjoy this new series!

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments I love hearing from you and would love to know your interior design ideas!

Sophie Xx

HOBO Soy Candles ~ Fig & Cassis

Hi everyone, at the beginning of the week I received my first parcel from Bright Paper Packages and I’m going to tell you all about one of the products I got inside.

As everyone one knows, I have an obsession with candles so when I saw that they had scent one of the most beautiful smelling candles I was so excited! HOBO Soy Candles are handmade in a workshop in Lincolnshire which is only a few miles away from me! I am a big fan of soy candles as they are eco-friendly and a cleaner burning which means there’s no toxins like regular candles! Soy candles are made from soya beans/oil and Rachael the creator of HOBO hand pours them her self and adds a natural wooden wick which will make you think you’re sitting next to a crackling log fire!! I received the French Fig and Cassis Crackelwood, it smells amazing! I have to say from all the candles I have tried (and there have been a lot!) this one is definitely my favourite. I love the smell and I love the way it burns!  I will definitely be purchasing more of these gorgeous candles for myself and for gift giving!

I hope you enjoyed the quick post about a really lovely local independent company please go check them out! What are your favourite candle companies, I’m always on the hunt for more candles!

Sophie Xx