“November” My Little Box

This months MLB theme is My Little Sweet Box and like always I was really excited to see what was inside and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed!

I love cooking and baking and I really thought this box was going to be amazing but sadly it wasn’t. I can’t speak for everyone but in my box I had no ribbon or beauty bag, those little touches really make a difference to me!

Having said that, I will be using all of the products I received and the tin that everything came in. I have loved receiving My Little Box but I feel the quality of the products doesn’t compete with other subscription boxes I have received recently!

What was inside

Sadly there was no illustration card this month another detail which makes a big difference!

  • My Little Word Magazine
  • Treats tin ~ £7.50
  • Chefs Apron ~ £11
  • Jar Stickers ~ £3

Beauty Products

  • Bliss Fabulous foaming Face Wash ~ £17.50 per 197ml
  • So Elixir Bois Sensuel, Fragrance by Yues Rocher, £50
  • My Little Beauty, sweet hand cream Mains Veloutees

Sophie Xx

“October” My Little Box

Hi everyone today I received this months MLB and like always I have been excited to see whats inside. This months box is called My Little Creative Box in calibration with Pinterest! I think this box was made for me! 


What’s inside..

  • Like always you receive the illustrated card and the my little word magazine.
  • Tech Jewellery – £16
  • Tote bag – £15

Inside the beauty bag..

  • Creme de Minuit, My Little Beauty, £15
  • Un Songs door beauty oil, Any, £29 for 100ml
  • Talika’s Photo-Hydra day, £43.50 for 50 ml

Here are a few photo’s


Font of tote bag..

Back of tote bag..

I was really looking forward to this box and yet I’m not disappointed with contents and I will be using everything, I think the theme got lost.  This month my box got delivered late, as all my other boxes have been derived around 16th every month I started to question where it was so I emailed them. The reply I received what far from helpful and when emailed them again I received nothing. If this carries on I will be cancelling my subscription!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and please contact me with your suggestions on what other boxes I could receive!

Sophie Xx

**STAY TUNED** I will be reviewing the beauty products soon!!

Today’s My Little App Offer!


Hi everyone! This is a quick post for me to share with you todays offer on My Little App!! If you don’t know MLA is the its an app from My little Box. It’s totally free and is available on iOS and Android. Everyday you will get a recipe, a wallpaper for you phone or like today a discount code! I don’t normally use these but today really interested me. The offer is for a company called My Dermacenter, with this discount code you receive and a free 5 piece gift set on any order! As I’m already Christmas shopping i thought it was perfect opportunity to pick up a small gift for someone and receive a few free treats for myself! This company gives you free uk shipping on every order also you get 4 free samples with every order! I know sounds amazing right!!

This offer is too good to miss so get the app and get your free treats!!

Click the link below!!


Offer ends 31/10!!

Sophie Xx

*Stay tuned MLB review soon*