Project Life ~ My Process & Favorite tool’s

This past year I have learned a lot about how I like to document, everyone documents differently,  has their own way and the favorite tools! I want to share with you my process and how I go from an empty page protector to a finished album page. I’m also going to share my favorite tools to enhance and create beautiful pocket pages!

My Process

Daily, weekly or monthly ?  I Document monthly, I find this way a whole lot easier than weekly.

My process is simple, Step 1 I pick my favorite photos from my phone or laptop, decide before printing where I want them to be on my layout . This helps me narrow down the quantity of photos.  Once iv picked them I will then use the Becky Higgins Project life app to crop them to size.

Step 2 Once my photos have been printed I will then place them in my page protector and find filler cards and journaling cards to match. I will pick out colours that are featured in the photos and match them up to the cards I want to use.

Step 3 Normally after a few days I will come back to my layout and add writing and embellishments to the page. I do this so I can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and have a clearer idea on how I want the page to look.

Favourite tool’s 

  • Becky Higgins Project life app –  This App has been a life saver, i use this app ever time i need to print my photos. It makes me cropping my images down to 4×6 cards a whole lot easier!
  • Fuse Tool – The fuse tool was a christmas gift so I haven’t had it a long time, but it has quickly become one of my favourite thing! This is how I use it!



I use the fuse tool to make clear pockets like the one on this page! I fill them with small embellishments!

  • Home printer – Since buying myself a printer in the black Friday sales it’s really helped me stay up to date with my documenting!

What is your process for documenting? What are your favouite tools?


Sophie Xx


Ali Edwards December daily by One little Bird

On black Friday I was on the hunt for a Christmas Kit for my 2016 Project life album, I wanted my last month of documenting to be full of Christmas memories and photos but also christmas embellishments and card! I’m not doing December daily but I am going to document more of the everyday this month.

Ali Edwards December daily by One little bird ~ This kit is full of christmas embellishments and 3 different sizes of cards!

I cant wait to start documenting this month with this kit, I’m loving the traditional colour scheme and the cute sayings on the cards!

What kit are you using to document your December / christmas memories?

Sophie Xx


“October” Studio Calico Documenter Kit

Hi Guys, this moments Studio Calico kit arrived a little later than normal so after a busy week at work I’m finally getting the chance to tell you all about it! When Studio Calico release a sneak peek of the next months kit I really wasn’t impressed, as its October wanted to show the season in colour just like every other month. But this kit seemed to much like spring and summer then fall!

This kit isn’t my favourite and some of the products I personally wouldn’t use. But I do like the mix of colours and patterns in this months selection of cards.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.07.58.png

A few of my personal favourites from this moths kit are the clear gold letters these would be perfect for adding a small gold touch to layouts and also perfect for the upcoming christmas pages!

The next favourite is the Stamp set! I love receiving stamp sets in the kit’s for one they make me feel like I’m getting my months worth and also they are so fun to use. They make the perfect addition to simple cards!

Last but not least Chip board stickers, I can’t get enough of them!

What did you think to this months kit? What other Project life monthly kits can you recommend?

To see the pocket pages I  create follow me on Instagram at Sophiespocketpages!

Sophie Xx



Project life

I started project life a few months ago, I wanted a new way to document, I had enough of everything looking messy and unfinished, all the pages I created seemed to lack something. Since starting project life I have created a few page layouts, I have changed them so many time’s. Thats one of the resigns I love this way of documenting my memories.

Last month I posted an Update to my first few page’s in my 2016 Photography  album, today I’m going to show you what have changed.

These are the the first pages in my album, to create the welcome page I used the Becky Higgins Midnight Edition PL papers. All the cards and embellishments are from the Scout Documenter kit by Studio Calico. I really love the simplicity of this welcome page.

On the first page layout I wanted to stay with the black and gold but also wanted a 3rd colour to balance it out. So I used green striped card to mount my Instax photo’s and I feel like this just added a little pop of colour but still matches in wIth the reset of the rest of the layout!

The fillers cards I used were all from the Scout Documenter Kit from Studio Calico.

These two pages are far from finished but wanted to share with you the thinks Iv used and the ideas iv had to create these layouts. As this album is all about the photos I take in 2016 I wanted to keep it simple with not much embellishing. The white Summer Time card is the back of the Winter Time card from the prevous page. I have also used Amy Tangerine alphas and also Becky Higgins Holiday’s Edition PL cards. (Green hashed cards)

Again all these layouts are still a work in progress, a few of them are waiting for me to find some filler cards and other are waiting for me to print more photos out. But I’m really loving the way this album is turning out.

Sophie Xx

Lets get crafty

Hi guys this month I fancied a change, I love receiving subscription boxes though the post but iv been getting bored. Iv recently started project life and was on the hunt for Crafty Subscription boxes and this is when I found the Studio Calico Documenter Kit.

For $29.99 each month they send you a themed kit full of Craft Materials e.g. Project life cards, embellishments, Washi tapes and stamp sets. Studio Calico also do another 3 kits so check them out to find the one for you!

The first kit I received was last mouth’s, and the theme was Scout. As this kit was my first I only have to pay $5! Lets see what what inside !

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.01.59

Iv really been enjoying creating  pages out of this kit! There is a really good mix of bright and pale cards which is good for me as I don’t like to use loads of colour on my pages. I also love the fact the the embellishments aren’t things you can find in craft shops! Everything feels a little bit more unique. Each kit comes in a studio calico bag which is really handy to have to keep the kit together.

Sophie Xx

** Stay tuned** Soon ill be shearing the pages I created using some of the things from this kit!


Project life ~ Update

Hi Guys, as with any new hobby no matter how may youtube videos you watch to get inspiration you have to ways find your own style.

I wanted my album to be simple, the forces to be on the photos. I didn’t want to embellish every page, but this made me think is it going to be too simple/boring? Well now Iv completed a few more pages I’m really happy with the final outcome and I thought I would update you with my layouts!

Last week I, was away in Cornwall on a camping holiday with my Partner and sister, the weather was gorgeous and I was able to capture some amazing views and moments,  so as soon as I was home I printed out a few shots from my iPhone. (I still have few to edit from my camera but I was to excited to wait! ) Here are my Cornwall pages.


Please feel free to share your Project life layouts, tips & tricks or if you have any comments on the pages iv shared with you! I love hearing from you!

Sophie Xx