Green Tea Face Mask

Hi guys today I wanted to share a quick post about a product I’m currently loving. Recently my skin hasn’t been feeling it’s best, so I was on look out for a mask that would help. This is when I found The Creme Shop ~ Green tea face mask 

The Benefits 

Green tea’s anti – bacterial agents regulate hormonal imbalances, thereby reducing inflammation and redness.

  • Hydrating
  • Inflammation Reduction

Iv seen loads of  mixed reviews on this product and was a little sceptical, but honestly I have loved using these mask’s and they really have made a difference to my skin! It feels refreshed, cleaner and smother. As it’s a sheet face mask it’s so much easier to apply and also take off, I would recommend not to wash your face after use, this will allow your skin to absorb the nutrients. Overall I would definitely use this product again!

Tip ~ Refigerate before use for a refreshing, cooling effect, it really makes all the difference.

Do you have any favourite sheet mask’s you would recommend, please leave a comment as I’m  really interested in trying more!

Sophie Xx


“March” Glossy Box

Hi Guys, this my favouite time of the month, I love receiving gifts and parcels though the post! This is my first proper monthly box from Glossy Box and I’m so excited to see what’s in side! Glossy box is only £10 a month plus P&P and you receive  5 beauty products.

This months theme – Get Glowing

  • Luxie Rose Gold large angled face brush full size £10.42
  • OLAY Regenerist luminous skin tone perfecting cream Full size £29.99
  • HEY HONEY good morning honey silk facial cream full size £28.81
  • -417 Catharsis vitamin mineral shampoo and conditioner full size £16.89 each
  • SO SUSAN  light diffuser full size £14

Im really impressed with this months Glossy Box, for only £10 you get really good selection on products to try. This is a box I really enjoy receiving, compared to other boxes which you only get sample sizes, this box you get a really good amount of the product to try! Once I have tried out some of these products I post a few more in-depth reviews if I like the products!!

Have you tried these products before? Whats your favourite? Or did you receive the Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I love hearing from you!!


Sophie Xx

**Stay Tuned** Bright Paper Packages – Subscription box unboxing coming in the next few days!!

Bright Paper Packages ~ Surprise gift

Every month Bright Paper Packages have a completion though there social media accounts, were you get a chance to win another little surprise treat in that next months box. All you have to do is share your photos of that months box for a chance to win!

To my surprise a few weeks ago I found out that I had won and this is what I got!

The gift bag contains Body Balm (6oml) Body Butter (120ml) Body Milk (100ml) all in the scent of Lavender & Rose. All in a cute zip bag perfect for traveling.

DSCF0313 (1).jpg

This rang is enriched with oat oil and olive oil to help dry and irritated skin. Which is perfect for me as I suffer from Psoriasis. They also contain Thistle oil which is high in omega 3 & 6 along with vitamin E oil to protect your skin.

I received this the end of last week and I have now had a few days to try out the products and I have to say I love them! I Find it really hard to get great smelling skin care with having Psoriasis as they always irritate and make the patches dryer. But all the products have been a massive help! Im not usually a fan of lavender and rose scented Skin Care or beauty products but this really suprised me, its smells so good and there not over powering!

Lucky Cloud is a handmade natural skin care company based in one of my favourite cites, Edinburgh, Scotland. Lucky Cloud products are 100% handmade in small batches and 100% Vegan.

This gift set is really worth the money, as its nearly Mothers day this would make the perfect gift! I never new anything about this company before Bright Paper packages introduced me to them and I have to say, I’m so thankful they did. Once I have used up these products ill be placing an order to try the sweet Orange and Vanilla

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions contact me in comments below or contact me though my Contact Form.

Sophie Xx


“October” My Little Box

Hi everyone today I received this months MLB and like always I have been excited to see whats inside. This months box is called My Little Creative Box in calibration with Pinterest! I think this box was made for me! 


What’s inside..

  • Like always you receive the illustrated card and the my little word magazine.
  • Tech Jewellery – £16
  • Tote bag – £15

Inside the beauty bag..

  • Creme de Minuit, My Little Beauty, £15
  • Un Songs door beauty oil, Any, £29 for 100ml
  • Talika’s Photo-Hydra day, £43.50 for 50 ml

Here are a few photo’s


Font of tote bag..

Back of tote bag..

I was really looking forward to this box and yet I’m not disappointed with contents and I will be using everything, I think the theme got lost.  This month my box got delivered late, as all my other boxes have been derived around 16th every month I started to question where it was so I emailed them. The reply I received what far from helpful and when emailed them again I received nothing. If this carries on I will be cancelling my subscription!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and please contact me with your suggestions on what other boxes I could receive!

Sophie Xx

**STAY TUNED** I will be reviewing the beauty products soon!!

Favourites ~ L’Occitane en Provence

Since a young age I have had Psoriasis a skin condition that causes itchy, red, flaky, skin. For a long time I have just had it on my scalp but as iv gotten older I have started to get patches on my arms and chest. I have never found anything that has helped my Psoriasis and it started to affect my confidence.

Until I got a few travel sized versions of the L’Occitane Verbena body lotion and Soap in a My Little Box. These products smell so fresh, it reminds me of lemons and limes, I love the formula of the lotion, it’s not greasy or sticky it leaves the skin feeling moisturised and smooth! For my birthday my Mum brought me a gift box from L’Occitane which included the Verbena Body lotion, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Soap with verbena leaves all full size.

These products aren’t the cheapest but if you do suffered from Psoriasis this product is worth a try! Within a week of using the lotion and soap all my Psoriasis on my arms has vanished!

Products mentioned

Verbena Body Lotion, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Leaf Soap. All products can be found by clicking the link below.,83,1,29793,0.htm

Sophie Xx

My Dermacenter Order

A few weeks ago I shared with you the My Little App discount code for My Dermacenter  and this morning I finally received my order! As you can still use this code I thought I would share with you the contents I received. For all the information or to read my original post click the link at the bottom of the page! Now lets get in to it!

What i brought..

Free samples from My Dermacentre – Get four free samples until 30th September!

What I Received free from the discount code…

I had a few problems with my order as it was meant to be delivered last week. But I was very impressed with their customer service, they were constantly emailing me and keeping me up to date. I would definitely be ordering from this company again!

I will share with you my thoughts on all these products soon!

*For free standard delivery and 4 free samples on all orders till 31st September*

Click the link below for the original post and for all the app / offer details.

Sophie Xx