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A day exploring London

Iv never had the chance to really see  London, every time I have visiting in the past I have never got the chance to explore and be a proper tourist. We started on Oxford street and walked to Harrods stopping along the way to look in shops and take photos, from Harrods we walked on… Continue reading A day exploring London

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A day in Oxford

Over the long weekend I spent the day visiting Oxford with my family. Oxford holds a very special place in my heat, iv been visiting Oxford nearly every year since I can remember. The first thing I do every-time I visit this town is walk, I love the old streets and exploring  the collages. As… Continue reading A day in Oxford

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Recipes for long journeys ~ Chorizo Sausage Rolls

Hi Guys a few months ago I started a new series on my blog called Summer Adventures, this post is the first in this series and I wanted to start with one of my favourite recipes for long journeys. My family meat eaters and my partner loves anything chorizo so once I make a batch of… Continue reading Recipes for long journeys ~ Chorizo Sausage Rolls

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City Guide ~ Where i ate while in New York

While visiting New York, I was amazed how cheaply you could eat. You’re always told that NYC is really expensive but in my opinion there are places for everyone’s budget, you just have to do your research. Before my family and I visited New York we googled a lot! Our hotel was situated in the… Continue reading City Guide ~ Where i ate while in New York