“October” Studio Calico Documenter Kit

Hi Guys, this moments Studio Calico kit arrived a little later than normal so after a busy week at work I’m finally getting the chance to tell you all about it! When Studio Calico release a sneak peek of the next months kit I really wasn’t impressed, as its October wanted to show the season in colour just like every other month. But this kit seemed to much like spring and summer then fall!

This kit isn’t my favourite and some of the products I personally wouldn’t use. But I do like the mix of colours and patterns in this months selection of cards.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.07.58.png

A few of my personal favourites from this moths kit are the clear gold letters these would be perfect for adding a small gold touch to layouts and also perfect for the upcoming christmas pages!

The next favourite is the Stamp set! I love receiving stamp sets in the kit’s for one they make me feel like I’m getting my months worth and also they are so fun to use. They make the perfect addition to simple cards!

Last but not least Chip board stickers, I can’t get enough of them!

What did you think to this months kit? What other Project life monthly kits can you recommend?

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Sophie Xx



Beginners guide to SMASH Books

As long as I can remember I have always been creative, I studied Fine art in college where I studied photography, painting and crafts. I think due to the tight deadlines and the pressures that came with producing 2/ 3 sketchbooks a month full of ideas and drawings, it became something I hated. That was until a few years ago, when the creative bug bit me again. I started something called SMASH booking, it’s basically scrapbooking without rules! So here is my little beginners to SMASH books. You don’t been to be creative, a fantastic painter or drawaer all you need is a few photos and your well away!

First thing first, what is a Smashboopk? Its a book with gorgeous printed pages.They come in loads of different themes and each theme has a different fabric spine and embossed cover. Each book comes with its own Pen which has a pen at one end and a glue stick at the other, which is perfect when smashing on the go!

What do you use them for? These books are perfect to use as memory books, I use mine to stick down photo’s from day trip’s, holidays E.g. train tickets, movie stubs and maps. Basically anything that will remind me of a day my partner and I have spent together.

My Collection…


This is the Eco Green Folio,  I use mine for day trips, snapshots of holiday’s a place to keep little bits and bobs from my travels! As you can see this book is perfect for anything out doors, like hiking and camping trips!

SB30-615113This is the Pretty Pink Folio, all the pages are girly and have some really nice pattens and pictures. I use this book as and About Me book. I store everything I love from a guilty pleasures page, my favourite app, photos of my dog, favourite places and my Dream home pages.

The last book in my collection is the 365 Folio. This book is to log your year! So its starts in January then finishes with New Years eve. I have used this book to document the trips my partner and I have done every time we see each other.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post about a hobby I love, I will soon be posting Photos of the insides of my books and also everything you will need to get started.

What’s your favourite craft/ hobby or do you have a favourite smash book? Please leave your comments in the comment section below, I love hearing for you!!

Sophie Xx