Joules & Lush ~ Chester Shopping Trip!

Joules Over sized Scarf  French Navy Check  £29.95 ~ I love this scarf! Iv been on the hunt for an over sized scarf for month now, but they all had the same problem the material was to rough and scratchy. This scarf is so soft, as it’s so big you can wear it in so many different way’s!

LUSH Lip Scrub, Bubblegum ~ With winter coming around fast my lips have started to feel it, Iv heard some good reviews on the proudest so i thought i would try it for my self!

Iv been applying this lip scrub every other day, it’s smoothed out my lips and removes the dead skin. It also tastes great!!

Tip ~ this is a must for any lipstick lover!

LUSH shower cream, The comforter ~ I have used the used the comforter bubble bar before and have to be honest hated the scent! This shower cream smells more strongly of blackcurrant, this product is perfect to use after a long stressful day.

What are yor favoute LUSH products?

Sophie Xx

Christmas all wrapped up

Now we only have 37 days to go till Christmas day, yes I am counting! I wanted to share some of my own ideas to help you with buying and wrapping the perfect gift. I love Christmas, it’s the best time of the year, but it’s also the time of year that can worry a lot of people because of one thing “money”. Christmas to me isn’t about the presents, it’s about family so if you’re on a tight budget don’t feel bad, one small gift can mean more than loads of presents!

When you don’t no what to buy.

Hampers ~ I love making hampers up for people when I can’t make my mind up on what to buy, you can can fill them with anything from beauty products, spa/relaxation or even food & drink. Hampers can work out expensive so always have a price limit! Here’s my beauty hamper ideas to keep the price low but still have the wow factor!

When I make beauty hampers I buy most of the products from TKMAXX you can buy O.P.I, Nails ink and Butter London for half the original price! They also stock some American brands that you can’t get here in the UK; this cuts the cost down by a lot!

If you are buying for a person who loves baths then LUSH is perfect! I buy a few separate bath bombs, soups and bubble bars to fill the hamper out! Candles are another perfect gift for relaxation try TKMAXX and their sister store Homesense, you can get candles for less than £5! Or try local independent stores like HOBO soy candles where prices start from around £8.50.

Top Tip! ~ Before I go christmas shopping I will always have a list with me, it will have everything I’m getting for everyone and the things I need such as wrapping paper, tags and bows. And once I’ve brought something I will write the price next to it so I can keep track of how much I’m spending.

Gift wrapping is usually always an after thought but to me a perfectly wrapped gift is just as memorable as the gift inside. If we have spent our money on whats inside, shouldn’t it be wrapped in a special way? But it doesn’t have to cost a lot, here are my tips and tricks for wrapping the perfect gift!
Wrapping paper ~ I will always spend a little bit more on wrapping paper, some cheap brands can rip from being so thin! Always look for a thicker paper.
Bows and all the trimmings ~ Bows, tags and ribbons can cost a lot so why not use string or Washi tape? Some stores sell bows and ribbons in big packs they’re a good way to save money!
Gift boxes ~ This is a perfect idea for hampers, use old subscription boxes and wrap them in festive paper then use tissue paper inside or buy a memory box. A memory box is a little more expensive but you know they can keep it forever.

Sophie Xx