Sophie Loves ~ Disney

One thing I haven’t talked about on my blog is my love for Disney. Disney was my childhood, just like many other children I was brought up watching the movies, singing the songs, wishing I was a mermaid with red hair and dreaming about the day I would find my own prince charming. Other children’s Disney childhood memories were the Disney parks, my family didn’t have the money to take my sister and I to any of the Disney park’s, so that’s still on my wish list now more than ever! So growing up Disney was just these amazing movies!

I was a very shy kid, I wasn’t very academic, drawing was the only thing I knew I could do and I could do well. Now that I have grown up only now I can see where my love for drawing and Art has come from it’s from Walt Disney! His animation style, creativeness and dream like personality which I don’t think anyone else in the world will ever have again made me want to draw and create. I have to thank Walt for inspiring me and giving me imagination! But most importantly, for making me believe in magic.

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” ~ Walt Disney

Sophie  Xx

It’s Gilmore Girls Day (Spoiler free)


** don’t worry there’s no spoilers here**

Today Is the day, the Gilmore Girls are back and we all get to visit Stars Hollow again. As like every other Gilmore Girls fan iv been counting down the day’s and as like everyone else I’m so excited to see where they are going to take these much-loved characters. There’s also the long-awaited 4 words that Amy Sherman – Palladino has had in mind for the final scene.

I feel like these four episodes are going are going to be the ending all needed and wanted many years ago, as the original writers are back these stories there sharing today are going to be the ones they really wanted to share.

If you haven’t watched the new Episodes yet then here’s my Lorelai & Rory Gilmore Girls viewing check List! Enjoy!!


Sophie Xx